Top Thai Raw Food Restaurants Worth Visiting

A lot of people know that Thai food is normally spicy. Some like it while the others don’t.

Unknown to many, however, some Thai food are also served raw in particular the vegetable salads. This type of food may be common in many countries but Thais have their own way of preparing it with a unique taste.

Raw food is light and definitely has less calories. As such, it is perfect for the vegetarians and the vegans who don’t normally eat meat. Those who are in a cleansing diet can also benefit from it.

If you’re planning to visit Thailand any time soon or in the near future, you can find there several restaurants offering authentic raw food. In most dining areas there that serve veggie salads, the ingredients are served fresh most of the time. You may also tell the staff getting your order if you prefer to have no meat or honey in your salad.

One is Rasayana in the capital Bangkok. This place can be hard to find but once you get there, you’ll never regret your dining experience. With a friendly staff to accommodate you and healthy raw food waiting for you, being in this restaurant is a major treat. Apart from the food, you can try their organic juices such as the wheatgrass juice. You also have a choice between indoor and al fresco dining.

Another place you can go to is the Ariya Organic Café. This is more accessible being located at the second floor of Mahboonkrong Mall in downtown Bangkok. Your choices at this café are salads, juices, sushi, smoothies and a raw version of the popular Pad Thai. The place, however, is rather small with only a few tables available so be patient in waiting for the others to finish their meals if you happen to visit when it’s jampacked.

Finally if you’re in Chiang Mai, you can try the Giva Organic Vegan restaurant there. This place offers delicious meals that can truly satisfy your gastronomic needs. Food is prepared while you wait and fresh organic ingredients are always used.

About the guest author:

Renee is a foodie and Thai food is one of her favorites. She’s been to Thailand for a short work assignment last year the reason why she had an opportunity to taste the authentic cuisine of the country. While there, she’s taken some time learning the local dialect at Thai Language Express, a Thai language school.